Jason Bishop
Voiceover, Voice-over & Voice Over
Tampa, Florida, The U.S., The World

-Joleen Cannon
University of South Florida


As a non-union voice talent, Jason has greater flexibility with rates.  Rather than publish a seemingly unflexible rate card, Jason prefers to learn more about each project, then quote rates that are reasonable and always make clients happy! 

Clients requiring only "dry" files (with mistakes edited out) will pay less than clients needing sound engineering/processing, individual file creation (in the case of eLearning) or full production.

To get a quote, please email Jason at  jason@bishopvoice.com and include the answers to as many of the following questions as you can:

(Jason note: Boy, someday I'll have all this in a "form" so you can just fill in the boxes.)

Project Type (Commercial, Promos, Narration, E-learning, etc)

Project Use (Local, Regional, National, International, via Broadcast, Cable or Satellite, Corporate video, Internet, E-learning, Animation, etc)

Project Length (Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Word count or page count if E-Learning)

Project Life (1-time use, runs for 13-week cycle, lives forever on the Internet or Intranet, etc)

Project Budget Range, Project Deadline, Preferred Format & Delivery Method

Whatever your project, I assure you I will be competitive with my rates once I get a clearer picture of your needs!
I also provide better rates for ongoing contract/monthly retainer work.


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