Jason Bishop
Voiceover, Voice-over & Voice Over
Tampa, St. Petersburg, Florida, The World

"Everything sounded perfect!"
-Johnny Molson
Mid-West Family Broadcasting


"Whhaaaa!??   How can a voice talent NOT have a string of niche-specific demos?!"

 Simmer down now!

As promised in earlier commentary, Jason is updating his demos.

In case you missed it on the Home page, here's his NEW Commercial Demo...


And here's his NEW eLearning Demo, fresh out of the pipeline!


Demos for other genres, niches, what-have-you, are also in the works, but if you want to know what Jason would sound reading YOUR COPY, just Email a script and he'll return a custom audition ASAP!

Delivery options:
All common formats (mp3, wav, aif) available.
Short projects in mp3 format are easily emailed, but larger files will be delivered via FTP, and/or file sharing services such as "Dropbox" or "Hightail" (formerly YouSendIt) or via cloud drives if you create and invite Jason to them.

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