Jason Bishop
Voiceover, Voice-over & Voice Over
Tampa, St. Petersburg, Florida, The World

"Everything sounded perfect!"
-Johnny Molson
Mid-West Family Broadcasting


"Whhaaaa!??   How can a voice talent NOT have a string of niche-specific demos?!"

Simmer down now!

As mentioned in a previous website commentary, Jason is updating his demos as he's more relaxed than a decade ago!

Here again is his Commercial Demo...


And his TWO eLearning Demos...



Demos for other genres, niches, what-have-you, are also in the works, but if you want to know what Jason would sound reading YOUR COPY, just Email a script and he'll return a custom audition ASAP!

Delivery options:
All common formats (mp3, wav, aif) available.

Short projects in mp3 format are easily emailed, but larger files will be delivered via FTP, and/or file sharing services such as "Dropbox" or "Hightail" (formerly YouSendIt) or via cloud drives if available.

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