Jason Bishop
Voiceover, Voice-over & Voice Over
Tampa, St. Petersburg, Florida, The World

"Great job!"
-Bill Fiffick
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Jason created a recording studio in his home which clients (and analysis by *George Whittam of Edge Studios) say meet if not exceed the needs of modern recording.  An array of ATS acoustical panels help provide a clean, balanced sound. The only sounds he can't mitigate are the ones caused by Florida's notorious afternoon storms or the U.S. Coast Guard helicopters which occasionally buzz by.

* (Among the industry big-wigs George has advised on their home studios are the late Don LaFontaine, Bill Ratner, Joe Cipriano and Scott Rummell.)
Jason's microphone of choice is a Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun microphone, the so-called "LA mic".  The mic is known for adding a bit of punch and cutting through a mix without lots of processing.  On eLearning reads, Jason adds a bit of distance and dials down the preamp and his delivery to provide full, clean, and highly intelligible audio.
The mic takes Jasons' voice through a Mackie ONYX Blackjack preamp/interface.  Mackie ONYX preamps are highly praised for their clarity and depth.  Like many voice talents, Jason has experimented with All-in-One channel strips, tube-pre's and various interfaces but finds the simplest, most direct recording chain is best.
The core of Jasons' studio is a PC running the highly versatile Adobe Audition CC audio editing program.
Jason keeps an ear on quality using Alesis M1Active powered nearfield monitors.

Delivery Methods-
All common formats such as WAV, AIFF, and MP3 are available in either mono or stereo.
Short MP3 projects are easily emailed, but larger files are quickly delivered via 75/75 FiOS to to your server via FTP, or to file sharing services such as "Hightail (formerly YouSendIt)", "Dropbox" or any cloud drive of your choice as long as you invite him/add him as a user!
Clients should also consider taking advantage of Jason's extensive,   award-winning (4 Emmy's) television, video production and copy-writing/copy-editing/proof reading experience!

Whether you need script nursing, script doctoring or full on script surgery, Jason can get it done with fees tailored to your budget.


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